Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anti-Mormon/Pro-Christian Protesters At The Mormon General Conference-March 31-April 1, 2007.

I'll just let you guys comment on this one, as I've already made myself perfectly clear on what I think of these pathetic losers.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Mormons-Called To Attack!!

Another AWESOME video by Paul Maughn, showing current Apostle, President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and third in line to be Prophet Boyd K. Packer; claiming that Mormons NEVER attack other religions, like they are attacked. After watching this video, everyone should be able to see the "real truth" and right through the bold faced lies of Boyd K. Packer.

The Mormon church is a complete fraud and cult and this video helps point this out perfectly. Boyd K. Packer speaks of the critics and all of the "misrepresentations" and "misinterpretations" by us, when in reality, WE, the evil, vile, "full of darkness", "disease germs", are the ones telling the "real truth" and they are the ones completely lying and misrepresenting themselves to the world every single day in every single way.

Paul also points out in this video, the complete sicko/pervert Joseph Smith was and that he used the same exact methods to secretly ask God for more wives(little teenage girls and other men's wives), as he used to find out which church was true.

Anyone that can know the "real truth" about Joseph Smith and the "real facts" and still defend him and justify what he did, in the name of the Mormon God, is just as bad, disgusting and perverted as Joseph Smith was. They should re-title the song "Praise To The Man" to "Praise To The PENIS."

The video ends with the quote by Joseph Smith: "I don't blame anyone for not believing my history, as if I had not experienced what I have, I would not believe it myself."("I could not have believed it myself"-these are Joseph Smith's actual words. Why did they change his actual words? Like Paul says and I've asked many times...why should we believe it then? Hell, if Joseph Smith himself couldn't/wouldn't believe his own words, then why should anybody else?

Hopefully this video will wake people up to the "real truth" and fraud of Mormonism and the evil cult it really is.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gordon B. Hinckley, the current Mormon "Prophet, Seer And Revelator" Claiming that Polygamy "ISN'T DOCTRINAL!!" Where Does This Leave Joseph Smith?

Thanks again to Paul Maughn for this great clip of Gordon B. Hinckley being interviewed by Larry King and discussing the "polygamy issue", which the current Mormons claim has absolutely NOTHING to do with them at all.

This is another great example of Hinckley lying to the world once again, as Hinckley flat out claims that "polygamy isn't doctrinal." Really? Let's see, Joe had 33 wives, Brigham Young had 56 wives....oh sorry, just got carried away in a vision of reality and truth there for a second.

I guess it's time then to posthumously excommunicate Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and every other Prophet, Apostle and member that ever participated in such an undoctrinal practice, which was supposedly ordered and ordained by the Mormon God, according to horny Joe, right? Well yes, according to Hinckley it is, if it was never doctrinal to begin with.

Oh yeah, and time to remove section 132 from the Doctrine and Covenants and repudiate and denounce it, as nothing more than heresy, lies, and a big mistake, that somehow slipped into the D&C and remained there for over 160 years. Is Hinckley and co. really that stupid, or do they just think that everyone else is, including their brainwashed flock of sheep? My money is on both.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley Ridiculing And Trashing Missionaries!!

In this brief video clip, created by Paul Maughn, the current Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, makes fun of some Mormon Missionaries outward appearance and in the end, is the only one laughing. Check out the look on the face of the last missionary this clip shows. Does he look like he's about to laugh or cry?

I guess after you've been out busting your ass 7 days a week and paying for the honor and then the "Prophet of God" insults you...well, it's just not very funny.

How many missionaries took cold showers that morning or hadn't eaten a good meal for a week or two or longer, due to lack of funds? Hinckley doesn't give 2 shits and you can see that is this video.

This video was originally seen 10,837 times and had 254 comments before deletion.

Samuel the Utahnite

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mormon Truth Slideshow

This slideshow depicts the ugly truth about Mormonism and what it has "REALLY" represented since 1830, instead of the warm, fluffy bullshit image that is portrayed today to the public. For those Mormons out there that don't know the "true history of Mormonism", you should really go study it and you might be surprised as to what you find, just like I was and many other ex-Mormons. If anyone out there is thinking of joining this awful Mormon cult, just watch this slideshow and think again.

I have 2 versions of this slideshow and this particular one was originally watched 10,724 times with 134 comments. The other version was seen an additional 4,049 times, with 47 comments.


Samuel the Utahnite

Mormon Truth Videos Are Back And Returning Stronger Than Ever!!

We are finally back up and running again!! Must have been that damn pesky Mormon God again...LOL!!

This blog will be dedicated to all of the videos that I've either discovered, personally created or that others have created regarding the "REAL TRUTH" of the cult called Mormonism. I had 42 videos posted on YouTube that were suddenly deleted and wiped out, without explanation or warning, back in February of this year. The jackasses and losers running YouTube didn't even have the common decency to send me an Email or respond to any of my Emails.

At the time of my abrupt deletion, my videos had been seen over 160,000 times, with over 7,000 comments, in just over over 6 months time. I will re-post ALL of those videos here, along with many videos created by Paul Maughn, who is doing an awesome job exposing the Mormon cult with all of his videos and hard work. Thanks Paul!!

I will also create an easily accessible index(to the right in the sidebar) for quick reference, to each and every video, so that you'll be able to easily locate them by subject, even when they are archived.

So, off we go, as I guess it's time to piss off the Mormon Hierarchy and all the Mormon apologists one more time, by reporting the "REAL MORMON TRUTH" to the world that they don't want you to see, hear, know about or watch in our videos.

If they are indeed the "one and only true church" with God on their side and us anti-Mormons are just filthy, loathsome, disease germs that are full of darkness, led by Satan; what are they so damn afraid of, that leads them to try to silence and discredit us? Things that make you go hmmmm!!

Thanks everyone for all of your support and Emails and as always, I look forward to your comments!!

Samuel the Utahnite

Video Index Of All Videos By Title

1.Mormon Truth Videos Are Back And Returning Stronger Than Ever!!
Mormon Truth Slideshow
3.Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley Ridiculing And Trashing Missionaries!!
4.Gordon B. Hinckley Claiming that "Polygamy isn't doctrinal", on Larry King.
5.The Mormons-Called To Attack!!
6.Anti-Mormon/Pro Christian Protesters at the April 2007 General Conference.

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